A2SR: How to create a trade plan US30 – Analytics & Forecasts – 10 January 2022

Greetings Traders,
a happy New Year.

I wrote this blog because an important member asked me how to deal with it United States 30.
With all due respect, I present it today.
Someone is supposed to have an understanding of the “what and how” of everything about the US30.
I am sure this post can be useful for others.

  • United States 30.

    The US30 Index also known as DJ30 or just Dow is a price-weighted stock market index
    Measures the performance of the 30 largest publicly owned companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
    Unlike most global indices which are a weighted average of market capitalization, Wall Street 30 is a price-weighted average.
    It was founded by Wall Street Journal editor Charles Dow and was first calculated on May 26, 1896, making it one of the oldest stock indexes.

    The primary purpose of the US30 is to indicate the overall health of the US economy and the direction of trends.
    Given that its component companies are some of the largest in the world,
    The index gives an insight into the strength of the global economy.
    The Wall Street 30 Index has remained one of the oldest and most prestigious benchmarks in the world with high liquidity.
    Its constituent companies are household names across different sectors of the global economy,
    and so on and so on.

    One of the reasons people love trading the US30 is the high volatility.

    Many other groups of traders think US30 trading is too easy
    Through motion control (economic boost or decline) From the economy:

    In general they are investors: “position traders”.
    A position trader is a type of trader who holds a position in an asset for an extended period of time.
    The holding period may vary from several weeks to years.
    The capital prepared by these investors is generally large.

    During periods of economic slowdown and recession, companies start reporting lower profits and
    Low business growth prospects.

    This is due to This is why investors start selling shares of companies that reported lower profits and
    So the stock indices that track these particular stocks will also do so start moving downAnd
    And On the contrary.

  • How to trade US30.
    > More details will be provided in the following paragraph/pages.
    That is if you are Not Attitude Dealer.
    1. Check the fluctuations. Certainly, you need to check the volatility of the US30 before you want to trade the US30.
    2. the best possibility that can be expected is when US30 Domain session ends Which followed by strong hack.
      go ahead = upward trend.
      Separation = Downtrend.
    3. already know, To what extent does the volatility range.

      If you can’t spot a range of volatility bands, at least today and this week,
      Then you will surely fail.
      Because you will not be able to select the correct lot size according to your balance.

      Using the maximum lot size should only use 20% of the balance in this week’s volatility range.
      Although the traders initially get a lot of profit, using lot sizes that are not proportional to the balance will surely make the traders fail in a short time in the future.

      (!) Volatility range is Not only Taken from the lowest price of the weekly/monthly candle.

    4. when you Managing trading positions:
      3.1 Know in advance when no tradeAnd
      3.2 When do you start Create a trading plan.
      3.3 Locate Target.

      That is, when the market against You are,
      – select first What suits your psychology and business balance to one of the following options:
      3.4. stop lossAnd
      – A sign of no. 2: Know the range of volatility ranges
      3.5 averageAnd
      3.6 hedgingAnd
      3.7 hedging + average.

      From the start, if you did not Prepare so you will feel panic / bad mood.
      – (The market may suddenly move against you).
      – Market conditions that are Not perfect without preparation It will make you fail.

    5. United States 30 > high volatility > Trading Hours He is the best in the US session (New York session)
      – Create trading plans in the previous session, – before the opening of New York.
      > Speculators usually enter the market in a low volatility London session (European session).
    6. Know what files technical tools Merchants need it.
      The doctor is one of many other examples. A very professional and intelligent doctor still definitely needs technical/medical equipment.
      Pilots also need full controls on their planes, Special Forces also need advanced weapons,
      And so on – including merchants who need it too.

      5.1 Actual support and resistance (A.SR) levels
      – (Color is ignored, just look at the center and the price label).
      5.2 market sentiment (miss)And
      5.3 Major currency strength (MCS)And
      5.4. direction (major/minor trend, market trend or range/sideways)And
      5.5 chart patterns (including strong escape Line)And
      Reference in:
      – https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/726752
      – https://www.mql5.com/ar/blogs/post/721843#comment_9084235
      – https://www.mql5.com/ar/blogs/post/723155
      5.6 price movement (If you are a short term trader: the position at the first test price hits the A.SR, MS and MCS levels in the news event)And
      5.7 volatilityAnd
      5.8 oscillators.
      Number 8 in screenshot format. 1.

      – – – Figure 01 – – –

  • US30 ex. weekAnd
    New Year – January 3, 2022
    If you make a deal in January 3, 2022, – so please still need more time to learn how to be a real trader.

    – – – Figure 02 – – –
    It is better that Wait for the next day, stop at the next resistanceAnd supports And strong Separation.

  • United States 30January 4, 2022.
    The price has reached the resistance area.

    resistance space.
    The resistance area is the upper bound that the stock has not broken before,
    It is the opposite range of the support area.
    first test It is an actual resistance area that provides high probability areas where the reversal is (swipe back)And
    And second test Continuation of the upward trend may occur (go ahead).

    Since the resistance area I just arrived for the first timeIt’s time to sell (sold) over there.

    – – – Figure 03 – – –

    The current trend is an uptrend, and there is still a chance for the first test of support 1 to buy (buy) there.

    good news,
    Short positions at resistance seem to have good hope.

    In a few hours
    The problem just came, it’s about psychology,
    Including patience.

    – – – Figure 04 – – – It was not easy.
    In general, people are confused about two options:
    Close the position or wait for the price to reach the target at the first support level.
    The decision depends on the trading style.
  • United States 30January 5, 2022
    The price has reached the support area.
    The price should bounce off actual support during the first test from above.

    supports space :
    The support area is the minimum that the stock has not broken before,
    It is the opposite range of the resistance zone.
    Actual support level provides high probability areas where a Reflection, reversal, inversion (booted) for the first test
    A continuation of the trend may occur at second test In the support area (Separation).
    – – – Figure 05 – – –

    the current direction he uptrend, but then a strong collapse sound:
    – It’s early sign who – which the The trend may end Sooner or later.

    (!) This is the time when we have to scale down Desire to open long positions.
    (I) Long positions at support #1 can be closed accordingly.

    – – – Figure 06 – – –

    (!) trade plan in Figure 03 should be reviewed during strong collapse situation, then
    (I) Support might be #2 broken, the previous support level can I became a new resistance.

    – – – – –

    After a strong crash, – A2SR still made a second Warning.
    (I) Uptrend on the brink.

    – – – Figure 07 – – –

    (!) And then.. storm he have Arrive.

    The run usually begins after assembly.

  • United States 30January 6, 2022
    The trend has shifted to downtrend.

    Does anyone still want to hold long positions?
    Phase In the market you can refer to https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722511

    First resistance test from the bottom :

    There is No difference with currency pairs Because the market has the same pattern.
    Reference at: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734748/page2#comment_16275068
    Price drivers are implemented by the same group of investors.

Thanks for reading.

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