Andrés Manuel López Obrador was infected with Covid-19 again

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President Mexicocontractor COVID-19 repeatedly. The information was confirmed by the president himself on social networks. In addition, he mentioned that he meets mild symptoms, although he explained it will remain isolated.

Lopez Obrador, 68, I received a booster shot of the coronavirus vaccine from AstraZeneca on December 7. But this afternoon, he announced that he had contracted the disease again.

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AMLO announces he has Covid-19 again

“I inform you that I have Covid-19 Although the symptoms are mild, I will remain in isolation and I will only do office work and communicate virtually “So let’s move forward,” AMLO said on his social media profile.

Before announcing his illness, the Mexican president held a press conference without wearing a mask. through his words, The president’s voice was hoarse, for which he received a great deal of criticism, and pushed it forward A smear will be made. Although he confirmed it I thought it was the flu.

The first time AMLO admitted his contract with Covid-19 was in January 2021Being one of the first presidents to suffer the effects of the pandemic. At that time, he also decided to isolate himself for several days and took the position of then Minister of the Interior (Interior), Olga Sánchez Cordero.

AMLO announces who will replace him during Covid-19 transit

at this opportunity, López Obrador announced that the person who would occupy the position would be the Minister of the Interior, Adan Augusto López, whose venue will also organize his daily press conferences, as well as other public events.

In recent days, Mexico has recorded an increase in injuries And it reached a record number of more than 30,000 daily injuries. Out of a population of 129 million, 4.1 million Mexicans were infected during the pandemic, of whom 300,412 died.

Although cases are increasing, The government confirmed that it will not suspend its activitiesHospitalizations and deaths are still low. Even from the executive branch confirmed it Mexico will keep its borders open without requiring vaccination or PCR certificates.

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As in other countries, Ómicron has already become the dominant alternative in Mexico, and for experts the number of cases is even higher, because they asserted that this nation is one of the least tested nation in the world.

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