Attrace Opens $ATTR Pre-Staking in Major Step Towards Verifier Network Launch

The pre-storage period allows the community to enhance network confidence and security.

Amsterdam, Netherlands / Access Wire / January 10, 2022 / Fulfilling Our Promise to Create the Web’s First Untrusted Word-of-mouth Marketing Protocol 3 embrace The $ATTR pre-funding was initiated to build sufficient trust and decentralize the Verifier Network. This project, also known as web3 affiliate marketing platform, enables validation of user acquisition on web3 via a network of validation nodes.

Before the validator network is open to third parties interested in running its validator node, the Attrace team places a requirement to bet a minimum of $100 million in ATTR tokens, or 10% of the total supply, on the network. I did. This is the first major step in getting rid of the long-awaited Attrace Verifier Network Wrap.

Starting today, ATTR holders will be able to deposit and commit their tokens to pre-bet Ethereum smart contracts. There is no minimum bet, but owners who have already bet at least $50,000 of ATTR at this early stage are eligible to launch their Verifier node once the network is open to the public. This is expected to be done by the team by May 1.

Attrace offers $10 million in rewards staking during the pre-storage period to facilitate node decentralization, ensure security, and initiate the network toward DAO. Additional rewards will be available during the storage period and the exact amount will be announced soon. The network is expected to eventually become sustainable for the protocol fee. The protocol fee is a fee that is paid in the form of native tokens by all crypto projects and authors who use Attrace referrals.

The bettor receives a share of the ATTR betting bonus tokens in dollars in proportion to the size of the bet. Subject to a 12-month vesting period, during which 8.33% of the ATTR rewards collected in dollars are used free of charge each month. After completion of pre-storage.

Prominent crypto derivatives platform Deribit was an early supporter of Attrace and invested $2.5 million in the platform last year. This is the first investment in its history. may feelDeveloper of Deribit Exchange, it is also one of the Attrace Verifier Network stack.

About Atreus

Attrace unleashes the value of word of mouth on Web3 by connecting promotions to user activity on the chain.

Web3 provides an opportunity to generate direct value to those who contribute to crypto projects and to creators by publishing information about distributed applications and crypto assets. Whether communication is via a web2 channel (i.e. Twitter or a website), a web3 channel or the Metaverse, Attrace can capture the added value of word-of-mouth marketing that leads to web3 activity. The Verifier Nodes Network monitors and captures the user acquisition value in web3 (the value of the web3 social graph) that occurs through link sharing.

Attrace currently works on Ethereum and Polygon, supporting IDO referrals, Liquidity, Stakeing Pools (via a chain), and NFT Drops referral campaigns, with direct NFT sales referrals and connections to BSC and Solana soon. Continue, the agnostic network will gradually integrate with all major smart chain networks and will eventually become the standard of web 3 marketing in the crypto space.

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About Centria

Sentillia is the developer of Deribit, the Bitcoin futures and options trading platform. Both companies are bullish on the long-term outlook for cryptocurrencies and are at the forefront of the crypto derivatives market. Derivit is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world, built on its core values ​​of integrity, quality of service, and innovation.

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