9 Reasons Why Your Prospect Isn’t Responding

Some cold calling experts suggest that you leave a message when you receive a voicemail of a potential customer. Unfortunately, many salespeople feel that this is a pointless exercise because most of the time, their potential customer doesn’t call them back. If that sounds familiar to you, here are nine reasons why a potential customer … Read more

Why Even The Most Successful Salespeople Use Scripts

Highly successful sales professionals have scripts that they use regularly and have honed over the years. Many sales professionals claim that they never use scripts and never will. Many object to the whole idea of ​​scripting, saying that scripts are “fake,” “don’t work,” “make you look like a telemarketer,” or that “every call is different … Read more

Using Criticism to Increase Sales

December 21, 2021 You’ve probably had to deal with professional criticism at some point (or often) in your sales career. In such a fast-paced, stressful career that is constantly focused on results, we often get our fair share of criticism from colleagues, managers, clients and prospects. If you want to be successful in sales, you … Read more