Crazy Rich Coin – Enabling Fractional Ownership of Real Estate by Leveraging on Blockchain Technology

Orchard, Singapore, January 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Crazy Rich Coin is a community-led platform that advances real estate ownership by allowing Millennials and Generation Z to manage their assets and create unique wealth opportunities. CRC is creating a real estate metaverse to bridge the gap between income and home prices in the market, allowing Millennials and Generation Z to own real estate in the virtual or real world. With $CRC, you can buy parts of the Metaverse virtual land or blocks of real-world hotels with a group of other investors through the platform’s aggregation mechanism.

The $CRC was launched on the Ethereum Network (ERC20-Token), and is backed by a team of experts working on a number of successful projects, with knowledge and experience in its development and future roadmap. ..

With its unique benefit, $CRC offers a unique experience to both regular guys and real estate investors. Platforms include Crazy Rich NFT and NFT Marketplace. Crazy Rich NFT Marketplace is a one-stop shop where CRC token holders can acquire NFT properties. The NFT group consists of:
a) Hospitality: budget hotels, business hotels
b) Accommodation: apartment, penthouse
c) Commercials: shops, gas stations
d) Industrial: data center, warehouse
These are just a few of the multiple NFT classes available in the market. NFT’s interior design is based on real-world properties, with different features and imperfections, different warehousing capabilities (similar to rental yields), and can be traded on online marketplaces such as Open Sea. Owners will be able to take advantage of Metaverse NFTs through full or partial ownership. Take Crazy Rich Asians and enjoy the benefits! The different groups offer a variety of benefits, including a fixed annual rate of return on crowdfunding projects (DAO).

Launchpad is another feature of the $CRC platform. CRC listed properties can be funded through IDO on CRC Ranchpad. You must use $CRC to whitelist these IDOs. Once whitelisted, the tokens can be placed in BNB or ETH pools based on pool size, duration and expected return on investment. This helps hotels use blockchain technology for crowdfunding on the platform. These pools act as a liquidity provider for real estate companies, allowing them to borrow from the public to finance their activities. There is an interest payment related to the repayment date on the amount borrowed.

The $CRC team is working to form partnerships with other Metaverse projects, has begun negotiations with hotels and developers, and is joining the platform. They have successfully teamed up with ST Hospitality Group, which consists of the ST Signature Hotel and ST Residence Serviced Apartments, to create a private hotel group. These are huge pipeline projects that the crypto community is looking forward to.

CRC$Tokenomics is focused on a 0.5% tax, buying back and burning some tokens from some of the proceeds from the IDO Ranch Pad. This builds new levels of support as you grow. Some of the transaction fees collected by the CRC team in US dollars will also be donated to charities on a regular basis in support of a good cause. The focus areas of this charity are education, medical care, and housing.

About the Crazy Rich Asian Team
The team consists of experienced developers, marketers, and community managers who come together to create $CRC. They all have diverse industry experience and work in a fast-paced environment to ensure continuous progress in all aspects of the CRC$ project.

Co-founder Dareius Lim emphasized in an interview: “CRC tokens take advantage of smart contracts and blockchain technology to link property ownership in the real and virtual worlds at a fraction of the price. We recognize that there is a discrepancy in the revenue and price. $ CRC is here to improve it.”

For more information, determined crypto enthusiasts can visit their website or join their Telegram community.


Name: Patrick Neo
Organization: Crazy Rich Coin
Phone: +6596475577

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