Flickto IDO on KICK.IO has Surpassed all Expectations

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Flicko Media The performance of the KICK.IO Lunch Pillow was amazing. IDO exceeded initial expectations of investor interest and hit new heights, raising $649,046.4. flexto It is now a true success story – the first IDO customization sold in a very short period of time – and even the acquisition of an extension consisting of $230,000 worth of tokens.

To remind the reader flexto is a Cardano-backed community media lunch board designed to revolutionize the way media projects are funded. By financing the project directly flexto We are trying to empower content creators and redefine how the general public affects content production. flexto The community will fund innovative films, television, and streaming programs that are currently being denied money. click Token holders will be able to earn more click Vote for the project, bet, and receive a portion of the proceeds from a successful media project.

For a behind-the-scenes look at the IDO process, we asked Rob Knight, Flickto co-founder and chief technology officer, about his recent success.

How does the FLICKTO team rate their expectations compared to the actual results on the KICK.IO Lunch Board? Did you achieve your goal?

This was the first round of funding for the general public, and as a project, there was no benchmark against which to compare or contrast pre-established expectations. This was one of the areas where KICK supported us early on. He has helped us manage our expectations and use our current wealth of knowledge to ensure that our expectations are realistic. It is no exaggeration to say that “achieve” is a conservative term when it comes to achieving our goals. It has exceeded our initial goals and significantly exceeded our initial expectations.

What is the community’s opinion of IDO on KICK.IO?

Our community is impressed by IDO’s performance. There were some early teething issues, but the KICK team resolved them proactively and quickly, and the majority of the community were able to participate in this IDO round without friction. Many have commented that the KICKIDO process is easier to run than other platforms.

How would you rate your connection with the KICK team?

From the time the partnership was formed until the completion of IDO, we frequently contacted the account manager directly and were able to reach KICK engineering potential clients directly during IDO to quickly resolve any issues that occurred.

What difficulties did you face?

With all the new innovations, you will sometimes encounter a surprising picture. At the request of Flickto, KICK needed to invent and quickly implement new features on the platform in order to deal with the conditions imposed by Flickto. This caused some quirks in the system when starting the first round, which were quickly resolved by the KICK team. Regardless, the issues we ran into were only minor (the quirks in the UI, etc. needed improvement), but it didn’t affect the entire selling process, which is critical to us.

What is the next step after fundraising?

After this extraordinary funding round, we can work towards realizing our project and the vision of the community. Most of the money raised will be used to fund media projects, but now the marketing is getting stronger, as the team is growing bigger and faster than originally planned before the IDO round with KICK. You can complete the task. It is no exaggeration to say that without the support of KICK and the first IDO Tour, we would not be in the same situation today. KICK helped map Flickto and the entire team is looking forward to future collaboration opportunities.

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kick It is a Cardano-based venture financing and accelerator platform designed to provide fully decentralized, transparent, efficient and effective crowdfunding services. kick It will mature into the foundations of the new Cardano-dominated DeFi landscape and will be a place where the broad Cardano community can come together to fund projects that have great potential for future success.

Our next-generation decentralized lunch boards are built in accordance with DeFi industry best practices to ensure instant payments, first-class security, interoperability, true decentralization, and zero counterparty risk, all while meeting the needs of institutional investors. It is fully scalable to meet. Unlike its competitors, it offers full support for Cardano’s native tokens and a suite of advanced DeFi tools needed for future projects to thrive.

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