how to WhatsApp read chat and another mobile

Fest you have to install whatsapp after install you can open whatsapp and type there on numberThen you have to enter the number on which you want WhatsApp..After that the code of the number will come from your sim, you have to put it on the code of the court

After that, if you continue with WhatsApp, then the WhatsApp code will be considered.Then you have to write your name about the foot you want to write the title which you like..And you can put the profile picture of your choice or you want to put the camera of anyone else’s wish

You have to click on the camera, go to the gallery and from there you have to select the picture of your choice and the profile picture will be displayed.And if you want to hide your last scene and if you want people with wrong numbers to not see your profile.So you have to click on the 3 dot, go to the settings, go to the account, go to the privacy.Everyone My Contacts Nobody You have to click on Nobody if you want no one to see your last seen when you were online when you went offlin

Click on the last scene, 3 options will come.After that you have to click on the profile picture, you will again see 3 options Everyone My Contacts Nobody.If you want to see your profile picture only saved people then you have to click on My Contacts.After that, you will have to click on About will go in front of you.Again 3 options will appear in front of you.Here also you have to click on My Contacts.Then Everyone My Contacts Nobody will come in front of you.After that again an option will appear in front of you Read Receipts

And if you want someone to message you and you read his messageOr saw his message or saw his status and if he does not know, then you should turn him off the option.foot you want him not to know you have seen his messageClick on First and you will get four options.After that you will get the option at the bottom of the default message timer, there you have to click on it

And if you want that your messages keep getting deleted, then what can you do for 24 hours, if you want to delete it after 7 days, then you can take 7 days.24 hours 7 days 90 days on and offIf you want your messages to be deleted after 90 days, then click on 90 days.So you have to turn it off, then your messages will not be deleted unless you want to

And if you don’t want to delete your messages unless you do it yourself.Click on Groups 3 options will come.everyone my contacts nobody .Now come the groups below.Groups coming from that wrong number will not come towards you.You can also put fingerprint on your WhatsApp

you got my contactWith this, no one can run your WhatsApp without asking you.When enabled ,you’ll need to use fingerprint to open WhatsApp.Now .You have to click on FingerprintYou can still answer calls if WhatsApp is locked

If you click on fingerprint, then you will get the option to apply fingerprint.You have to put your fingerprint there which you want to put.You can send voice notes to anyone.Then your fingerprint will be taken.In Objects you can chat with anyone.Wherever you are in this, you should talk to anyone, want to see someone.Whatsapp is a very good app.Whatsapp very amazing app.So you can see them on video call

If you want to show them what you are doing, then you can show them by making a video call.Now easy to make that video call anywhere.You can make video calls in groupsAnd now 8 people can make video calls together.After that you can create family groups, you can create friends group.You can put your videos pictures on status, you can add any other video pictures.And you can share pictures videos with each other.You can put anything in the status by writing your own

You can apply any other funny status of your wish, Funny Saad Interesting, whatever you want.You can also put it on the status by writing poetry.etc.You can also send your live location on WhatsApp.If you are a foot somewhere and you don’t know the way, where are you?So you can tell where you are by sending your live location.And you can also send very funny emojis sad emojis

There are also a lot of funny stickers in WhatsApp.There are many interesting stickers.You can also send GIF to anyone on WhatsApp.And if you like your status and you want some people not to see your status, your status will not go towards them.So you can put status privacy on your status

So you have to go to the status privacy foot.All the contacts will come there to whom you do not want to show your status.Then you have to go to My Status Accept.Then you have to go to My Status Privacy.Then your status will not go towards them, they cannot see your status.Click on the contacts you do not want to show your status


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