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Melati Wijson was born in Indonesia in 2003. A young Indonesian lobbyist who helped create the farewell plastic bag in 2013. Since then, he has been a driving force behind youth development and founded One Island One Voice.
The Wijsen Society cleans the shores of Bali and Mama and has come together to support women’s work. He has had the opportunity to speak on behalf of the world, including at TED and the UN. Time magazine called him one of the most confident teenagers in the world, and CNN called him one of the world’s youth wonders.

professional activist
Name and surname Melati Wise
Indonesian hometown
the white race
Christianity is real
Indonesian citizenship
marital status in a relationship
A friend of my neighbor Ben Shagbee
Relationship history Yes
Net Worth 220,000
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In addition, Forbes listed Melati as one of the 10 most powerful women in the country and is included in the list of 30 Asians under 30.
Wijsen’s new project YOUTHTOPIA engages young people by giving them the tools they need to make a difference through shared, actionable content. Gary Ben Shagib is a full-time river and filmmaker who co-founded Make Change, a charity dedicated to raising public awareness of plastic pollution.
He went on several outings with his brother Sam and sister Kelly. Their latest project, Sungai Watch, is a monitoring platform to tackle the dirtiest streams in Indonesia.

Wiesen and Benchegib met at a chance environmental research event where they were former friends. When they both fell in love with the same thing, they became fast friends and started dating.
The couple were estranged, so it’s been a mystery when they got together, but they confirmed they were together with Melati’s Instagram post. Melati Wijson in a summer t-shirt and Gerry Bunchageb in a blue summer t-shirt photoshoot with models Melati Wijson and Gery Bunchageb

The researcher asked the sweet couple about their activism on both sides of the climate. Mira replied

“We have been the driving force behind Bye Plastic Bags and the youth association One Island One Voice for over five years. We use a variety of technologies to encourage Balinese people to say no to single-use plastic bags, including education, pilot cities, governance and globalization. ”

For his part, Gary said: “Running a healing world designed to show how everyone can make an impact. We’re an automatic source and natural media collection that travels to the far corners of the planet for ideas and innovation. . Make the world a better place. At an affordable price.” ” Change starts with us, and often we can make our voices heard right away. ”

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Both sisters have important areas of strength in worship, vigilance, and mutual trust. The couple is known for their efforts to reduce plastic consumption.
They held frenzied strikes from dawn to dusk to gain public attention and demanded a meeting with their city’s former CEO. Melati Vison wears a white jacket and a red jacket Melati Vison takes pictures with accessories in her room
Melati the Wise

In 2017, the brothers spoke at UNWOD. A year later, according to a magazine article, two of the 25 most influential teenagers of 2018 were nominated. Bigger Than Us, directed by Fleur Wasser, is a feature film about Melati Wieson.
“It might have looked like this in a different time and climate,” Wiesen said. He sent Youthopia, a youth empowerment project, to the World Economic Forum to prepare future people to be “change makers”. On the other hand, his age means “more, less”. Total assets are estimated at $220,000.

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