Why Caitriona Balfe sued the production of Outlander


The actress who plays Claire Fraser has revealed her struggles with those responsible for the series. This was how Belfast inspired her to fight for her goal in the programme.

Caitriona Balfe plays Claire Fraser in the movie Outlander.
© starsCaitriona Balfe plays Claire Fraser in the movie Outlander.

If we talk about period series, it is inevitable not to think about it stranger from home. And it is that throughout its chapters it is inspired by epic novels Diana GabaldonIts production knew how to turn it into a real phenomenon. However, this may take an unexpected turn after that Caitriona Balfthe hero of the story , File a public lawsuit against those responsible for the novel.

Since the beginning in 2014, the actress gave life Claire FraserHe earned the affection of fans all over the world and thus pushed himself to continue being a part of successful projects. Despite this, his name is directly related to stranger from home It is for this reason that his special comment in an interview caught the attention of viewers of the series.

Balfe is also part of the cast Belfast, the movie that is shaping up to be one of the best nominees for the 2022 Academy Awards. It was there that I felt inspired to start Produce your own projectsBut it seems that he didn’t achieve that as he wanted on Stars. “with Sam Heogan We’ve been on the show and on set every single day since season one. I’ve been knocking on that door Wanting to do this for a while“, pointed out.

Apparently, on several occasions I asked the production to become one of my managers stranger from home. “It’s something I talked about on the show but It falls a little on deaf earsHe completed it. He added:I am very close to the entire camera team and whenever he had conversations about the lens they were using and the frame he was using, they really helped me give me all the info I wanted. It’s a shame, but it’s out of my hands“.

In a few weeks, the new episodes that will be part of the sixth season, which began filming in early 2021 after the delay caused by the pandemic, will be revealed. Episode 7 is about to start filming and this is This may be Claire’s last appearance on screen. Rumor has it that the Champions contract will expire this year. However, the project aims to have at least 10 parts, just like the Gabaldon saga.

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