Why Even The Most Successful Salespeople Use Scripts

Highly successful sales professionals have scripts that they use regularly and have honed over the years.

Many sales professionals claim that they never use scripts and never will. Many object to the whole idea of ​​scripting, saying that scripts are “fake,” “don’t work,” “make you look like a telemarketer,” or that “every call is different so it’s impossible to use a script.”

The truth is that all salespeople use scripts. Here’s why.

I’ve heard it all before

You may hear certain questions from potential clients over and over again. If you’ve been in sales even for a very short time, you probably have fairly standard answers to these questions.

If you repeat the same answers more or less every time you hear certain questions, those answers are your texts.

You may also hear the same objections from potential customers over and over again, and you may have developed fairly standard responses to those objections.

If you’re responding to a particular objection over and over again with somewhat the same counter-argument, then those responses are also texts.

Elevator sermons are texts by another name

You will also likely have a fairly standard way of introducing yourself to new prospects. Sometimes this is called an “elevator speech” – a brief introduction you can make to a potential customer in an elevator that will be completed and understood by the time the elevator reaches your floor.

If you’ve been in sales even for a short time, you’re likely, in one form or another, repeating the same “elevator speech” over and over to prospects: In another name, that’s text.

You see, it doesn’t matter that your consistent responses weren’t written down or that there are slight differences in the way you present them each time. If you are repeating the same language with different leads or customers over time, you are using scripts.

Is your script getting the results you want?

The question is not: Should you use script?

The real question is: Does your script work? Is your script working to get the results you want? And if it doesn’t, shouldn’t you say something else?

If you’re calling prospects for an appointment, does what they say give you the date? If not, your script will not work.

If the entire sale takes place over the phone, does it give you what the sale says? If not, your script will not work.

If you’ve been making research calls to schedule appointments and you’re actually making a lot of appointments, why would you want to say anything other than what works?

And if the whole sale happened over the phone and you’re actually closing many sales, why would you want to say anything else?

Successful salespeople don’t get outdone

Highly successful sales professionals have scripts that they use regularly and have honed over the years. They know what to say and they know when and how to say it.

Many of these successful professionals don’t think of what they’re saying as a scenario, but if you pay attention, you’ll hear them use the same introductions, talking points, and responses over and over again. Really successful salespeople don’t get outdone.

minimum: All sales professionals use scripts; Not all sales professionals use good scripts.

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