Why You Should Change Your Approach to Lead Distribution

Start feeding awesome potential hunters and rewarding them for their efforts in building opportunities by giving them more.

Don’t reward salespeople who rely on luck

There are all kinds of ways of distributing the potential customers who go into the sales organisation. One of the most popular is the distribution of leads using a round robin system, giving each salesperson a new lead when it’s their turn to turn. This kind of system seems fair. But it is not.

Giving leads on a rotational basis rewards some salespeople for waiting. It allows them to produce numbers when luck happens to tap the shoulder.

When a lead is really exciting, it gives the salesperson the false impression that they are doing well in sales—even though they may not be doing the work that leads to results.

Chance may provide a lucky recipient with a lead that will allow them to make their number.

Hunters do the hard work and win their luck

Fishermen are developing businesses. They’re in the field and doing the hard work of opening relationships and opening opportunities.

Fishermen are obsessed with keeping their pipeline full of qualified prospects. They are always looking for their next opportunity. Hunters are the first to embrace phone searching, email mining, cold calling, networking, asking for referrals, knocking on doors, following up on potential clients, and having conversations with strangers.

They are not waiting for the luck of a lady who smiles at them. They are out making their own luck. If anyone does the work to deserve the leads that come into the sales organization, they are the hunters.

So who gets the hot offers?

I like the plan where the salesperson who creates a new opportunity is eligible to receive a new lead for doing so. The group doing the work to build opportunities deserves to be on the robin’s tour of the great leads that come into the sales organization.

By giving hunters leads, you reward healthy sales behaviours. You reward the salespeople who flock, and you help them do a better job. This doesn’t penalize salespeople who just sit around and wait.

First, the leads they no longer receive are never theirs in the first place. Second, they have the same chance of getting into the rotation — even if they have to step up their game to get there.

Feed awesome potential hunters and reward them for their opportunity building efforts by giving them more.

Ask yourself:

  • Should the leads be distributed fairly? In this context, how do you define fairness?
  • What happens when you give hot leads to a salesperson who isn’t prospecting?
  • Instead, what happens when you give a hunter a hot shot?
  • What is your current method for assigning leads to your sales team?
  • Could you change this approach in the future, and if so, how?

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